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The Current 22

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Olivia Hutton

22 – Northern Ireland / Law Student, part time high street pharmacy worker and fire breather

Has spent six years working part time in a high street pharmacy alongside her colleague Margaret, 40, and admits they are always up to mischief. They go for secret picnics together in the photo lab during their shifts and she keeps stashes of sweets all over the shop floor in case they need a sugar kick during the day.

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Doreen Ballard

80 – South East / Retired Social Worker

Used to perform in local pantomimes and as her grandchildren live far away they used to visit and watch her in all her glory. She used to love getting dressed up and play the male roles and prides herself on never forgetting her lines.

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Toby Olubi

27 – South East / Cover Supervisor

Says his most embarrassing moment was when he was getting off the bus on the way to work and accidentally slipped on some ice resulting in him pushing over a child by mistake. He was so mortified he instantly picked her up to check she was ok but then realised he’d split his trousers and had to go all the way back home to change them.

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Becky John

34 – South Wales / Part Time Sales Assistant in a food hall

Has always found telling the difference between left and right difficult and says it was particularly a problem growing up when on bike rides with her parents. Once her dad told her to turn left but she accidentally turned right and ended up in a canal. Thankfully he pulled her and her bike out but she was forced to ride home ‘covered in green slime.’

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Edna Gossage

71 – North West / Retired Cleaner

When daughter Pauline was born she took her to the local shop to show her off to the locals and after saying goodbye to everyone she mistakenly left Pauline on her own in the shop. Half way down the high street she ‘felt like something was missing’ only to quickly dash back when she realised her mistake to find a bemused shopper holding her baby.

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Adele Dick

51 – North East / Service Co-Ordinator & Owner of Wedding camper van hire Business

Her most embarrassing moment was when she went into a neighbour’s house who was having a car boot sale and asked if they wanted any help with moving all the ‘rubbish’ in their living room. To Adele’s horror none of the stuff in the house was for the car boot and says she just wanted the ground to swallow her.

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Jayne James

49 – East Anglia / Phelobotomist

Admits to often not looking where she is going and once whilst at a craft market with her family she walked head first into a concrete lamp post. She was left with an ‘egg’ on her forehead and says her family were in ‘stitches’ for the rest of the day.

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Matty Oxley

30 – North East / Administrator

Describes his most shameful moment as when he used to study performing arts at college and whilst running on stage during a play to deliver his only line he tripped over the stage lamp and fell backstage through the curtain, all whilst still saying his line.

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Leah Hann

28 – South East / Stay at home mum and make-up representative

Describes herself as old before her time as she loves listening to Elvis Presley records. She recently went to see an Elvis tribute act and after encouragement from her friends she got up on stage and started to sing with him. However, she was so bad that the impersonator had to stop the song and tell her to start all over again.

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Jean Brickett

75 – Scotland / Retired

Whenever she hears music of any kind she can’t help but break into dance no matter where she is, whether it’s in her house or out in public. She recently started dancing around the isles of her local supermarket with her shopping trolley when she heard a song she liked which she says resulted in some shoppers staring and some laughing at her.

Leo Maciel
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Leo Maciel

50 – South East / Gallery Assistant / Art Psychotherapist

Once whilst working at the art gallery a cleaner was cleaning the floor with a mop and bucket when they disappeared for a short while. During this time a crowd of visitors started congregating around the mop and bucket mistaking it for a piece of modern art. Leo was in hysterics and had to break the bad news that the cleaner had simply gone on a break.

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Carlos Ramos

65 – South East / Retired Driving Instructor

Is known as the family prankster as he’s always playing tricks on people and says loves the classics even down to the cellophane over the toilet seat trick. He says his best prank yet happened whilst watching horror film Arachnophobia with wife Yvonne as during the scary parts he threw fake spiders on her causing her to scream the house down.

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Tony Singh

34 – West Midlands / Team Leader of emergency home response company

Describes himself as a very competitive person who will do anything to win. When playing football computer games with son Reiss (12) he admits to trying to convince Reiss that the players with the lowest scores are the best ones to pick for his team. He has so far managed to get away with it so that he always wins but says he’s worried he’ll start ‘cottoning on’ soon.

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Liam Williams

29 – South Wales / Teaching Assistant

Is currently single and admits he usually makes a fool of himself on first dates. He once spat food across a table when a girl made him laugh and on another date had a fizzy drink spray all over him after he dropped it.

Chelsea King
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Chelsea King

23 – East Midlands / Production operations assistant at I.T software and hardware company

She attends a boxing cub twice a week after seeing it advertised in her the local paper and has already had her first charity fight. Although she lost by one point, she says the experience was incredible and can’t wait to get back into the ring.

Natalie Player
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Natalie Byrne

23 – East Midlands / Travel Agent

Growing up she would only eat chicken and her dad Paul would often put eggs in her bed when she was asleep. For years she would wake up believing she’d laid them from eating too much chicken.

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Barry Small

42 – Scotland / Maintenance Manager

Says he is forever losing things and has currently lost his passport and been looking for it for three months. The scariest thing he’s ever lost happened three weeks after he got married when he lost his wedding ring in a supermarket car park. He says he was so scared about telling wife Nicola he had to psyche himself up beforehand but was relieved when he realised it was covered on his house insurance.

Steve Newbie
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Steve Rawlings

22 – West Midlands / Football Community Coach

Says he’s in denial about his receding hairline which he started noticing aged 17. The children he teaches love joking about how he looks 38 years old and his hairdresser as even made him promise that she can shave it all off when he feels the time is right.

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Adian Graham

39 – South East / Taxi Driver

Occasionally picks up celebrities in his taxi and says his funniest moment was when he picked up actor Simon Callow. He says he was in total shock as when he asked him for the taxi fare Simon tried to pay him with foreign money instead of English pounds and he “couldn’t believe his cheek.”

Sarah Lambert
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Sarah Lambert

37 – South East / Cleaning Business owner and Entertainer in a residentual home

Says she can’t help but assign personalities to numbers and says that she sees the number 18 as being ‘motherly’ due to its round edges, 15 being ‘regimented’ and strict and 3 as being ‘happy go lucky.’ She hopes to apply these theories to her game and hopes they guide her to opening the right boxes.

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Kevin Ross

32 – Scotland / Bus Driver

Admits to being competitive and when playing online games through a popular social networking site, he will often delete his friends who have a higher score than him. He says he wants to bring this ruthless edge to his game at The Dream Factory and play The Banker at his own intimidating game.

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Lee Quantrill

36 – East Anglia / Firefighter

He admits that he used to wear three pairs of socks at once to try and make himself taller. He says he has now accepted his height and just needs to accept that he will ‘probably get even shorter’ in his old age just like dad David.

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