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Marilyn Petri

52 – Cheltenham / Self employed mobile sandwich van owner

Is a massive animal lover and when she serves at regular spots with her sandwich van she makes sure to take extra sausages for the customer’s dogs. She also volunteers at an animal charity where she helps with car boot sales each month in order to raise extra money for the charity.

Victor Hubbard Newbie
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Victor Hubbard

86 – Liverpool / Retired shoe repairer

Although he has been retired for 18 years he says he loved his job as a shoe repairer! Victor used to joke with his customers that he was the best shoe repairer in the whole of Liverpool and was overjoyed when one customer replied to him “don’t be stupid Vic, you’re the best in the whole of Lancashire!”

Ashley Davies
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Ashley Davies

26 – Port Talbot, South Wales / Call centre agent and part time mobile hairdresser

Recently started a new job as a Call Centre Agent to make ends meet whilst pursuing his real passion of hairdressing. He has 18 clients and travels all over Wales to them often lugging his case on buses and trains as he doesn’t drive.

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Rebecca 'Becky' Simpson

31 – Shirehampton, Bristol / Dryliner

Says that when she was nine months pregnant with daughter Reece her ‘nesting instinct’ took over and she decided to tile the kitchen floor. Whilst tiling the floor she felt twinges of pain but it was only some hours later that she realised she was in labour.

Gordon Leicester
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Gordon Leicester

40 – Newton-le-Willows / Self employed grave digger & salt gritter

Met partner Kim 17 years ago when mutual friends set them up in an attempt so they had a couple to double date with. Their first official date together was at a famous fast food restaurant and they also took along Kim’s daughter Jess with them. He says something ‘clicked’ and they instantly felt like a family unit.

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Jason Southwell

28 – Huddersfield / Police officer

To make his wedding proposal to wife Emma “extra special” he ordered t-shirt saying “will you marry me?” which he was hoping to wear when she got back from work. However, when it arrived it was too small and looked like a “cropped top” on him, so he had to resort to laying the t-shirt on the bed instead and calling her upstairs to “make the bed” so she would find it.

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Shahrzad 'Shazi' Maleki

32 – Kings Cross, London / Customer Service Advisor for London Underground

Describes mum Farideh as her “guardian angel” as she has always been there for her whilst growing up with her condition of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She says they are like “two peas in a pod” as they love getting pampered at salons and have a similar voice which always gets them confused for eachother when on the phone to members of their family.

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Caroline Aboikoni

21 – North Greenwich, London / Journalism student

Writes an online blog that discusses fashion, politics, music and celebrity culture. Her main interest is writing and she says she loves that others enjoy reading her opinions. Caroline loves a talking point that creates a debate and admits to spending ‘hours’ every evening coming up with new content for her site.

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Bhavna 'Bav' Champaneri

46 – Leicester, Leicestershire / Educational Assessor

Would like to be able to pay her mortgage off so she doesn’t have to worry about bills anymore.  Says that she has never been able to afford to go on holiday to anywhere exotic and has always dreamed of going to the Maldives, she would also love to be able to take son Ricchi to New York for his 21st birthday, so he would always remember it.

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Jed Smith

19 – Harlow, Essex / Childhood professional studies student

His most embarrassing moment came at work recently when during the busy school rush in the shop he slipped on some water and when he stood up he realised he had split his trousers down the back. As he shuffled out to the staff room he realised all the school children were all laughing at him.

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Michaela Hammond

46 – Rotherham, Yorkshire / Permanent make-up artist and make-up teacher

Is proud to say she was the youngest female bus driver in the north of England, aged 18, and her route was around Blackburn. Her favourite customers were the elderly and she would often stop the bus to help them with their shopping bags, resulting in her not being so popular with the other bus drivers as they’d all catch up with her causing a backlog of busses.

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Terence 'Terry' Wainright

68 – Shrewsbury, Shropshire / Retired Refuse Truck Driver

Would love to take his and wife Veronica’s dream holiday in New York at Christmas. Would like to put away some savings for his four grandchildren for their future education. Has always had an interest in the engineering of old classic cars and would treat himself to a sports model.

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Hannah Dawes

31 – Great Yarmouth, Norfolk / Revenue assistant

Over the years she has dyed her hair a variety of different colours including red, purple and blond, but admits she has had a few disasters. She once tried to dye her hair blond but unfortunately left the bleach on for too long resulting in ‘chunks of her hair falling out.’

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Daniel Seal

27 – Oldham, Lancashire / Materials handler at a fire alarm factory

Is forever being likened to TV personality Karl Pilkington because of his dry sense of humour. Danny says he is always going on rants and recently spent 20 minutes ranting about the headliners at a popular music festival. He adds there isn’t a night out that goes by that he’s not asked for a photo as people are convinced he’s ‘The Inbetweeners’ actor, James Buckley.

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Vikki Heenan

27 – Arbroath, Scotland / Dog care assistant at a guide dog centre

She is ‘incredibly’ close to her older sisters Michelle and Arlene and they love throwing Rod Stewart karaoke parties in the living room where they put up their homemade Rod Stewart banner and sing along to his songs ‘all night long.’

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Oliver 'Ollie' Williamson

19 – Nottingham, Nottinghamshire / Kitchen Porter

Has been working as a Kitchen Porter in a local garden centre for the last year while he is on a gap year from studying at college and he says mum Hilary finds it ironic he does the job as he never does the dishes at home. Is living at home with his mum Hilary, dad Peter and his five brothers and sisters saying with eight of them in the house it can be “a mad house.”

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Corie Wollaston

25 – Birmingham / Recycling Assistant

Corie ‘can’t wait’ to become a dad to another son and has been hard at work preparing for the new arrival. As soon as he returns home from work he begins reading his baby books and has spent the last few weekends painting the spare room blue and building a cot and shelves ready for the due date.

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Jingjing Ruan

33 – Stourbridge, West Midlands / Student Auxiliary Nurse

Mum Jun-Ling and dad Jian live in China and she says she misses them every day and hasn’t been able to afford to visit them with daughter Isabella so they haven’t met her yet. She keeps in contact with them through social media and sends them daily photos of Isabella growing up so they don’t miss out.

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Karen Tribble

52 – Plymouth / Bank Clerk

After getting a promotion at work, she decided she wanted to go out and celebrate. Unfortunately when she was getting ready she mistook nail glue for eye drops and glued her eye together.  Unfazed she managed to separate her eyelashes and still go on her night out.

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Darren Roach

54 – Poole / Cabin crew

Sees mum Pat once a week when he pops over to her house with son frank to help her with ‘anything she needs.’ She loves gardening and they often help her move heavy bags of soil around the garden and have recently built her a new fence.

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Gwyneth Gardner

75 – Ross on Wye / Retired manageress of a newsagents

Admits she used to have a rebellious side and was always getting up to mischief. Gwyneth and her then boyfriend used to work and stay at the same hotel but he would work nights while she worked the day shift. So they could meet in the middle of the night she would hang her feet by her bedroom window and tie a long piece of string to her toe which would hang outside. He would then pull on the string to wake her up so that they could talk into the early hours from her window.

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Luke Hope

29 – Brighton / Relationship manager for a financial service company

Used to work as cabin crew where he often remembers the time he didn’t hear an announcement that the crew wouldn’t be selling peanuts as multiple passengers had allergies. None the wiser, he proceeded to offer nuts to all of the passengers, causing mass panic on board.

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