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Angie22 Player
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Angie Labross

62 – Buckinghamshire / Retired salon manager

Is convinced she’s had an experience with the supernatural after husband Carl brought home a second hand wooden chair. Their dog at the time started to bark and Angie looked down at the chair next to her and saw the pillow on it move as if someone had sat down. She says doors around the house would also fly open at night and is convinced that the chair has brought a spirit into the home.

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George Squair

24 – Middlesex / Chef

Once when catching the train with friends to Kingston he was stood on a bench so he was high enough to check the arrivals board. His friend Tom then pulled down his trousers in front of the busy platform of commuters showing off his underwear which caused him to run off around the corner in embarrassment.

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Charles Pipe

34 – Northhamptonshire / Self-employed Carpenter

Says his most embarrassing moment came when he had his first job interview for a supermarket. He wanted to look his best so wore suit trousers and a shirt but as soon as he sat down he heard a rip and realised his trousers had split. Luckily his employer didn’t hear and he had to ‘shimmy’ out of the room backwards to avoid further embarrassment.

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Arooj Shazad

20 – North East / Qualification Sales Advisor
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Liam Jones

28 – Swansea / Heating and gas engineer

Is an animal lover and has a Shar Pei dog called Hugo who he describes as a couch potato dog. Liam has to force him out on walks and make sure they avoid any puddles as Hugo doesn’t like getting his feet wet. While working away partner Lauren will put Hugo on the phone to bark goodnight to him before bed.

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Patrick McNamara

24 – Surrey / Fireplace engineer

Friends always take the mick out of him for the amount of time he spends styling his hair so he decided to shave it all off recently to raise money for charity. He raised £822 but says it has now left him with a ‘microphone head’ and is now rarely seen without his ‘cheese cutter’ hat to hide his hair.

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Morag Kennedy

48 – Hamilton, Scotland / Lollipop lady and part-time barmaid

Once went to a fancy dress party dressed as a clown and was dared by her family to ask a man on the road outside for directions to the nearest supermarket. She did so and after having a good laugh, thought nothing more of it. This was until a year later when she and husband David moved into their first house and the same man turned out to be their new neighbour.

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Katie Hunter

29 – Staffordshire / Family Support Worker

Is known for being clumsy and recently at work was taking the bins out when one of the bags split, and had to bend down to gather up all the rubbish. Not realising why all her work colleagues were looking out of the window laughing she was mortified to realise that her knickers were on show for all to see.

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Chris Singh

40 – Newcastle / Print Finisher

Has a twin brother called Mark and although they’re not identical they often get mistaken for each other, which they love to play along with. They have always had a similar fashion sense and text each other before meeting up to check they aren’t wearing the same outfit.

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Michael Lewis

61 – Somerset / Self-employed maintenance man

Is often praised by his customers for his good nature and will always go the extra mile to help them. His favourite customer is Mrs Baker who is now widowed and Mike is on call for her throughout the day and night to aid her with any troubles including changing her tricky light bulbs.

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June Hirst

79 – Sheffield / Retired bread factory worker

Is a massive Elvis fan and says her dream job would’ve been to be his Personal Assistant. She loves going to see Elvis impersonators and instead of having family photographs by her bedside table she has a picture of Elvis and an Elvis themed alarm clock, which wakes her up every morning.

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Diane Stenson

28 – Staffordshire / Corporal in the RAF

Says she has such a bad memory she used to text herself to remind her about things she needed to do or buy. She now uses an app on her phone that she can make notes on and writes everything from the groceries she needs to bills to pay.

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Godwin Kingsley

39 – Nottingham / Engineering supervisor

Describes himself as a ‘colourful fashion victim’ as he loves wearing bright clothes that clash. He always stands out at the school gates as his clothes are so bright and often gets mistaken for being younger than he is by the other parents who are shocked to learn that he is nearly 40.

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Gary Whitaker

46 – Leeds / Self-employed painter and decorator

Says he has a classic case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome which is when a person has an addiction to buying musical equipment. Wife Jaki even made him sign a home-made declaration promising that he’d stop and Gary admits that signing it still hasn’t helped. The house is now overflowing with everything from guitars, amps and effects pedals in his collection.

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Marie Shenton

36 – Derby / Sales administrator

Is obsessed with Pugs and adopted a five month old puppy called Jemima who she says is ‘the cutest thing in the world.’ She loves to dress her up in outfits including; dresses, jumpers and her favourite item is a bumblebee outfit she bought her especially for the summer months.

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Pauline McClinton

54 – Wigan / Café Assistant

Loves to party and during a meal at a local restaurant for her birthday she jumped up on the table wearing a Tiara and grabbed the waiter’s maracas when music started playing. She says other diners looked mortified, but her family found it hilarious.

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Carl Poore

32 – Dorset / Plasterer

Prides himself on being a ‘human trumpet’, and five years ago won a talent contest at his local pub after he mimicked the sound of a trumpet whilst ‘playing’ Combine Harvester by the Worzels. He says he can even play the Deal or No Deal theme tune.

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Johnny Lloyd

20 – Lancaster / Marketing student

Admits to being competitive and when playing online games through a popular social networking site, he will often delete his friends who have a higher score than him. He says he wants to bring this ruthless edge to his game at The Dream Factory and play The Banker at his own intimidating game.

Pearl Clark
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Pearl Clark

77 – South East / Retired Care Worker

Admits she’s accident prone and once when she was driving out of a car park she forgot to put her ticket in the machine that lifts the exit barrier. Instead she simply followed the car in front, resulting in the barrier crashing down on the bonnet of her car and it took three ‘burly blokes’ to lift her car free from the barrier.

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Ruby Elliott

27 – Leicestershire / Florist

Describes the proudest moment in her career as five years ago when she made a floral posy that was given to Princess Kate Middleton when she visited a local school in Newcastle. She says her hands were trembling with nerves when making it, but she made sure she used the most luxurious gold coloured ribbons she could find.

Talyer Salter
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Talya Salter

37 – South East / Customer Service Assistant

Friends and family describe her as ‘crazy’ due to her unique taste in drinks. Her favourite is hot chocolate topped with grated cheddar cheese with husband Dan even going as far as calling her weird due to her strange drinking habits.

Colin Goodrich
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Colin Goodrich

46 – South East / Store detective and door supervisor

Says he’s terrible for falling asleep anywhere and everywhere, even while stood up and once fell asleep whilst working in a nightclub on security. He was stood next to a really loud speaker where he slowly felt his eyes getting heavier and woke up with a jump when a customer tapped him on the shoulder, asking where the toilets were.

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