Vikki from Arbroath becomes the ninth top prize winner in Deal or No Deal history

The Red Lady went to Kelvingrove and took home the maximum of £250,000

What a way to bring this series of Deal Or No Deal On Tour to a close, with one of the greatest games in the history of the show.

Vikki from Arbroath joined Noel at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow with the hope of winning enough to buy her own Highland Cow. A veteran of 22 games at The Dream Factory, Vikki earned the nickname The Red Lady for her consistently high numbers.

Vikki’s game at a glance:
Box number: 1
In the box: £250,000
Deal or No Deal: No Deal
Final winnings: £250,000

Her game opened with a couple of blues and the lower end of the reds gone, which was followed by a decent offer of £12,000 from The Banker. Despite that being more than enough for a small herd, Vikki played on – forcing the deal up to £20,000.

Things got a little tense as both the £100,000 and the £75,000 were dispatched, but The Banker failed to predict where the top prize was hiding and added another two grand to his offer. Vikki held a referendum with the audience to see whether she should take the deal. A narrow “no” vote persuaded her to push on and find the penny, which was the cause of much celebration and a few tears.

It was all too much for The Banker who placed a whopping £66,666 on the table. But a visibly shaking Vikki chose to continue, and when the box in front of her was opened there was a staggering quarter of a million pounds in it. An incredible end to an incredible series.