Gallery: The Banker’s in trouble with these massive wins

Some of the show's most dramatic ever moments were a matter of days apart

Deal or No Deal has always been a show filled with life-changing wins, but March saw a selection of winning moments all appear a matter of days apart. After seeing Toby, an Olympian from London, walk away with £12,000 thanks to a last-minute change of luck, things only got better.

Doreen, a retired social worker and self-proclaimed ‘Red Hot Mamma’, wrangled a huge £50,000, but it was Alison, a part-time hairdresser, who gave us one of the show’s most exciting finishes in recent memory. Selling her £500 box for an absolutely fantastic £80,000, Alison gave us all a bank holiday weekend to remember, as well as rounding off an expensive month for The Banker.