Super competitive Becky took on the Wookey Hole Witch!

The dryliner from Bristol missed out on the confetti, but walked away with a great sum of money

Welcome to Deal or No Deal goes underground! Deep beneath the Mendip Hills in the famous caves of Somerset’s Wookey Hole it was Becky’s time to take the walk of wealth.

Determined to take The Banker’s £250,000 jackpot home, the mother of three from Bristol came for a big win to support her children’s education.

Becky’s game at a glance:
Box number: 7
In the box: £50,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £13,000
Final winnings: £13,000

Getting off to a slow start, Becky lost four of her precious reds in the opening round resulting in a very happy Banker. Accompanied by old flame Witchy Witchy Woo, The Banker appeared to be in a good mood and offered Becky a more than decent £4,000 for her opening round. The 31-year-old dry liner had none of it though and kept her eyes on the prize. As a lioness fighting for her cubs, Becky refused to accept the second offer of £8,000 and managed to bring back the spark to the game.

Keeping three of her Power 5 in the game, The Banker offered her the prize of all prizes, the infamous governor worth £26,000. Sticking to her guns though, Becky left the deal on the table and went on to a final round. Unfortunately it became clear soon enough that she wasn’t ending up with an all red board. Thinking of her children, Becky decided to deal and leave her lucky box 7 for what it was – taking home a superb £13,000 and three happy children!