Residential support worker has terrible luck with the boxes

The Money Maestro misses out on the ultimate Banker showdown

Matthew, a residential support worker from Blackpool, was hoping to pick a fight with The Banker, but terrible luck with the boxes left him struggling.

The 24-year-old, branded by Noel as ‘The Money Maestro’, had a great knack for predicting opening offers for previous contestants, but when it came to his own game found himself nearly £2,000 short. Round after round of unlucky box picks left Matthew with a board filled with blues, and unable to truly face The Banker as planned.

Matthew’s game at a glance:
Box number: 9
In the box: £1.00
Deal or No Deal: No Deal
Box 23: Half (bought)
Final winnings: £0.50

Hoping to fund his studies and become a fully-fledged paramedic, Matthew’s dreams were quickly slipping away. By game’s end, he was left with the £1 box and Box 23 was the only thing that could rescue his chances.

Opening the box to reveal it had halved his money, Matthew’s woeful game was complete. With a final win of 50p, Matthew had been invaluable help to others in The Dream Factory before him, but couldn’t translate that insight to his own game.