Pair from London give The Banker double trouble for the final time this week

Walthamstow's Paula and Maureen leave the Dream Factory with thousands of pounds and a plane ticket to New York

Paula and Maureen, a mother and daughter from London, are jetting off to New York with some serious spending money after playing our final parents Double Trouble special.

With two boxes to choose from, the duo opted to bring Box 8 to the pound table. We saw the £250,000 make an early exit for the third time this week. A delighted Banker wanted to split the final parent pair up but Paula and Maureen passed his break up quiz, winning a holiday.

Daughter Paula told Noel she wanted to win enough to get married abroad in the sunshine with Barbados or St Lucia at the top of her list of dream destinations. However, a worrying trend of finding a large red in each round temporarily dampened her ambition.

Paula and Maureen’s game at a glance:
Box number: 8
In the box: £10,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £10,000
Box 23: Double (not bought)
Final winnings: £10,000

The civil servants managed to break that damaging pattern, putting The Banker in a tight spot. The man with the money decided he would part with £10,000 to stop Paula and Maureen reaching for the mega-money. The lights in the wings started to illuminate and the close family members were in agreement to deal.

Sadly Paula and Maureen missed out on a final offer of £12,300 with £10,000 on the table and £15,000 in the other box they could’ve played with. Box 23, which wasn’t purchased, contained ‘Double’ but the regret soon faded when Noel revealed Paula and Maureen were off to New York for a five-night break.