Noel’s Hall of Fame: Maria’s Game

Relive one of Noel's favourite early Deal moments

Noel has been with us for every nail-biting moment of Deal or No Deal over the past five years, so it’s only fair we give our host his very own Hall of Fame to pick his favourite moments from the Deal archives. Visit News to see some more recent classic games.

Maria’s astonishing game was back in 2007, and quickly became one of Noel’s many Deal highlights. An unassuming start saw Maria quickly demolish her stash of red boxes in early rounds, but healthy offers from The Banker were still promptly turned down. Thanks to her strong resolve and more than a little luck, Maria found herself with just £15,000 and £100,000 left on the board – and a fantastic £40,550 offer from The Banker to boot. As Noel asked the question on everyone’s lips, the audience and contestants alike were stunned to hear Maria answer, ‘No Deal’.

It was a moment of Deal history as Noel opened Maria’s box to reveal £100,000, sending audience went into a well-earned frenzy. It was only after the box was opened that Maria admitted she meant to say ‘Deal’ but in the heat of the moment mixed up her language! Maria’s game will easily go down as one of the most sensational moments ever seen on Deal or No Deal.