Noel’s Hall of Fame: Lisa’s game

Watch how Lisa made Deal’s 1000th show a very special one

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It took a while to sink in, but Lisa, or better known as ‘Loopy Lucy’, was chosen to be a contestant on Deal’s 1000th show. Lisa said she wasn’t in it for the money and enjoyed playing the game because of the people. Treating us all to a spectacular game, The Banker’s offers became higher and higher, reaching a comfortable £30,000.

With only a few boxes left, it was box 22 that caught Lisa’s eye. Despite the box being her least favourite of all, Lisa took a leap of faith and got a very blue 10p back for it. With The Banker giving her a whopping £50,000 offer in return, Lisa couldn’t turn down his generosity and took the money home.

We caught up with Lisa after the show to relive a very memorable 1000th Deal or No Deal game.