Noel’s Hall of Fame: Joe’s Game

Watch Joe give The Banker a proper run for his money

Noel has been with us for every nail-biting moment of Deal or No Deal over the past five years, so it’s only fair we give our host his very own Hall of Fame to pick his favourite moments from the Deal archives.

Spouting out classic one-liners each and every round, Joe planned to donate every pound of his winnings to the Chelsea Hospital. Joe had no time for nonsense from The Banker, promptly turning down offers and pushing forward towards the final round.

With £15,000 and £20,000 left on the board, Joe stuck to his guns and opened his own box to the delight of the crowd, earning £20,000 in the process. Labelled ‘The Pride of Britain’ by The Banker himself, Joe is easily one of Deal’s most positive and determined players.