A mother and daughter from the West Midlands make the biggest deal of Double Trouble so far

Tipton's Pat and Angie beat The Banker while Angie struggled with her bladder

Pat and Angie, a mother and daughter from Tipton, became the biggest winners in our Double Trouble week so far, taking £23,000 back to the West Midlands.

With two boxes to choose from, the duo opted to bring Box 2 to the pound table. Noel said he couldn’t recall witnessing an opening round that included the two largest reds and the two smallest blues. The unusual start soon turned sour when Pat and Angie failed The Banker’s break up quiz, meaning he could separate them at will.

Admin clerk Angie told Noel she’d like to win enough to take her godchildren to Florida, while Pat said she’d like to celebrate her golden wedding anniversary with a trip to the Rocky Mountains. The Banker thought the pair would do more damage together so he opted not to send either of them to the isolation room.

Pat and Angie’s game at a glance:
Box number: 2
In the box: £1,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £23,000
Box 23: Nothing (not bought)
Final winnings: £23,000

That was a mistake – just one blue remained on the board at five box and Noel said it felt like a mega-money game. The host was proved right when Pat and Angie left an all-red climax of £1,000 and £75,000. The exciting finish was too much for Angie who announced she needed a wee! The Banker said he’d only let Angie use the loo if she dealt at £23,000. Thankfully that amount was higher than Pat and Angie’s target of £20,000 so the pair were quick to deal.

Angie relieved herself before coming back to discover just £1,000 sat on the table. Box 23, which wasn’t bought, contained ‘Nothing’, confirming a Banker spanking for the second game in a row!