Mother and daughter from Nottingham cruise their way to a red win and spank The Banker

Jenny and Fiona are off on holiday with an impressive amount of spending cash courtesy of The Banker

Jenny and Fiona, a mother and daughter from Nottingham, gave The Banker a long overdue spanking during our Double Trouble parents week.

With two boxes to choose from, the duo opted to bring the ‘Death Box’ (22) to the pound table. It was a poor start with £75,000 and £35,000 found in the very first two boxes. But things swiftly improved for Jenny and Fiona who passed The Banker’s break up quiz – winning a holiday and stopping The Banker from splitting them up.

Jenny and Fiona’s game at a glance:
Box number: 22
In the box: £1
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £10,000
Box 23: Money Back (not bought)
Final winnings: £10,000

Health visitor Fiona told Noel she’d spend any winnings on a deposit for a new home, while retired supermarket cashier Jenny said she wanted to jet off to Japan. It wasn’t clear if those dreams would become a reality when £100,000 and £50,000 disappeared, leaving a fractured board.

The Banker stuck at his offer of £10,000 – calling it a lifeline. With the £250,000 still on the board, Jenny was happy to take the risk but Fiona convinced her mother to take a more cautious approach and deal. That was a wise move – they went on to destroy the board, leaving just £1 on the table. Box 23, which wasn’t purchased, contained ‘Money Back’. Not only did Jenny and Fiona win £10,000 but they’ll also enjoy a week’s cruise for two around the Mediterranean at The Banker’s expense – nice!