Jed from Essex reduced to tears before making a festive deal

Family pressure thwarted The Banker’s plan for a Christmas miracle in Longleat

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (a very big house in the country) as Deal or No Deal on Tour went to see the lions at Longleat.

Jed arrived from Harlow in Essex wearing a Christmas jumper with plans to go with his gut. After happily dispensing with £10, far too many big numbers disappeared off the board.

Jed’s game at a glance:
Box number: 7
In the box: £100,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £21,000
Final winnings: £21,000

While everyone was reading corny cracker jokes The Banker secretly recruited Jed’s sister Dionne as a sleeper agent. When she heard Noel say the word “baubles” Dionne’s job was to persuade her brother to accept the deal as it would be worth £5,000 more than the offered amount.

Unfortunately for Jed the big numbers continued to disappear and The Banker correctly predicted the £250,000 was hiding in the next box Jed opened. Dionne failed to persuade her brother to take the Banker’s offer, mainly because the rest of his family urged him to play on, and as she revealed he’d missed out on an extra five grand the tears started to fall.

With only the possibility of £100,000 or 10p remaining, Jed sobbed when faced with his final choice. But it was all smiles after he accepted The Banker’s generous offer of £21,000, even though it was revealed that the £100,000 had been sitting in front of him the whole time.