Hall of Fame: Alice becomes our second quarter millionaire!

Thrill-seeker Alice enters Deal's record books with The Banker's Gamble

Only a select few contestants have made it into Deal’s fabled Hall of Fame. Go Backstage to relive other great Deal moments, and view the rest of the Hall of Fame.

It had been two long years since Laura Pearce’s record-shattering £250,000 win, so back in 2009 the hopes of finding another contestant to enter Deal’s lonely Hall of Fame were never stronger. After some mixed early rounds it didn’t seem Alice would be the one to break our dry spell, especially when she dealt early at the handsome sum of £17,500 and missed out on some huge potential offers from The Banker.

But as a trainee stunt woman, Alice couldn’t help but chase the rush she was used to every day. With £250,000 and 1p left on the table, she couldn’t resist The Banker’s final gamble: give back £17,500 and play to the end. As Noel opened Alice’s box to reveal £250,000, we finally had a second member for our Hall of Fame, and a game worthy of going down in Deal history.

We chatted with Alice after her game in this exclusive video to see how her life would change after winning such an incredible sum.

To watch the full episode of Alice’s brilliant win, visit All4!