Deal or No Deal… rules!

Deal or No Deal has been on Channel 4 since 31st October, 2005. Over eight years and nearly 3,000 shows, Noel and the gang are still going strong. But how many of you know the rules to Deal or No Deal? Here’s our newbie guide:

  • The show starts with 23 identical sealed boxes.
  • There are 22 boxes on the wings each containing an amount of money between 1p and £250K.
  • At the start of the game the player selects a numbered box at random.
  • The player’s aim is to sell that box back to The Banker for the most amount of money possible.
  • The independent adjudicator loads and seals all the boxes. No one but the independent adjudicator knows what is in the boxes.

Deal or No Deal Boxes

  • In the first round the player must choose five boxes before the first offer from The Banker.
  • The Banker places his opening offer into the capsule, which gets sent to Noel in the loot shoot. If the player successfully predicts the opening offer (within 10%) they gain a one-time use of the Offer Button, which can be pressed at any time during the game. When pushed, The Banker must immediately call to make an offer.


The offer button


  • Noel asks, “Deal or No Deal?” The player must answer, “Deal” to accept the offer or “No Deal” to decline the offer and carry on.
  • Three boxes are opened in the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds, followed by the question from Noel.
  • If you decide to “No Deal” you will continue in this fashion until only two boxes remain.
  • If you accept an offer by saying “Deal”, the game is still played out in exactly the same way, in order for the player to see what they could have won if they’d carried on.


Simon deals


  • When the last two boxes remain, The Banker will give his final offer. If you say “No Deal” you will then go through to the final box opening in live play.
  • The Banker may offer you to swap your box with the other remaining box. You may decline or accept the swap.
  • You will then win whatever is in the box on the table and this will be opened to reveal what you have won.


Simon's box contained £250,000


  • You can use your winnings to buy Box 23, which will contain one of these options: ‘+£10,000’, ‘Double’, ‘Money Back’, ‘Half’ and the dreaded ‘Nothing’.
  • If you choose not to buy Box 23 your winnings stay the same.


Box 23


Now you know the rules make sure you tune in from 2.10pm every weekday on Channel 4 and like the Deal or No Deal Facebook page and follow the @dealornodeal Twitter account to keep up to date with the latest news.