Deal or No Deal Glossary

After 10 years and nearly 3,000 shows, we’ve developed our very own Deal or No Deal lingo. Do you know your ‘Newbie’ from your ‘Death Box’? Here’s our glossary:

1p Club – This is a select group led by Nick Bain, who became the founding member when he left the show with the lowest number on the board – 1p.

1p Dance – When a player on the wings opens his/her box and it contains the 1p, it is now considered tradition for the contestant playing to dance with that player to celebrate.

22, The – This is the exact number of players that line up in every Deal or No Deal, and so represents the number of money amounts in each game.

£500,000 – With the introduction of Box 23, there is a potential £500,000 to be won in every game, although no one has won it yet!

‘All or peanuts’ game – How Noel describes a game which only has one substantial sum of money left on the board.

Banker, The – The omnipotent, enigmatic figure without whom, he would have you believe, there is no Deal or No Deal. And he’s probably right.

Banker’s Power 5 – The bottom five amounts on the board – 1p, 10p, 50p, £1 and £5

Barge, 1p – The current home of the 1p club – Their former home was a caravan and prior to that a phone box

Big One– The largest amount of money that any player can have in their box (£250,000). Strangely, the Big One is not necessarily the reason that everyone plays the game. Many contestants set their sights much lower. However, for The Banker, this is his precious baby and he fiercely guards it round the clock.

Big Winners – These are the people who have done the most to disprove the myth of invincibility that The Banker likes to surround himself with, for they have won £35,000 and over.

Blues Cruise – They do say that taking a cruise is good for one’s wellbeing, and in Deal or No Deal, a Blues Cruise can make a player very happy indeed. It involves opening a bunch of blue numbers in succession, thereby getting rid of a lot of low amounts and leaving the player with an improved chance of a high win.

Board – This is the large, illuminated sign that shows all the amounts of money that are on offer, It marks a player’s progress as they knock different amounts off the board.

Box 23 – You can use your winnings to buy Box 23, which will contain one of these options: ‘+£10,000’, ‘Double’, ‘Money Back’, ‘Half’ and the dreaded ‘Nothing’. Players have used Box 23 to save themselves from a blue win but thousands of pounds have also been lost.

Capsule – The Banker places his opening offer into the capsule, which gets sent to Noel through a plastic tube called the ‘loot shoot’. Once the player makes his/her offer prediction, the capsule is opened to reveal the offer.

Cat flap – A “letterbox” at the bottom of the board when the £500 and £100,000 have been removed, or other symmetrical amounts.

Climax– When the player is left with just two boxes in play.

Confetti – When a player wins the £250,000 jackpot, it is celebrated by lots of colourful confetti raining down from the ceiling of the Dream Factory.

Crazy Chair– Noel’s name for the stool the contestants are offered at the beginning of a game. Some players use it as a vague base from which they prowl around the set. Noel named it the Crazy Chair because, like the driver’s seat in a car, once certain people are in it, they go a little mad and are no longer the person they seemed to be.

Curse of the Newbie – Newbies are considered to be a curse by many players after their tendency to reveal a large amount on their first show.

Daddy – See Mummy

Damage limitation territory – A phrase used by Noel when a player has most of the big numbers, and is now trying to hit some blues to improve their chances of landing a good offer from The Banker.

Double Trouble – The name given to special weeks which has seen couples, grandparents, parents and siblings join forces to battle The Banker.

Dream Factory – The studio where dreams are made and dashed. The production hub for the show.

East Wing– Or the right hand side of the set where 11 players stand behind their boxes. [See also West Wing] Between filming, it has been known for banter to be fierce between the two wings as each show their true competitive nature.

Eight Box – The point in a game of Deal or No Deal when the player has eight boxes left in play.

Five Box – The point in a game of Deal or No Deal when the player has five boxes left in play.

Governor, The (£26,000) – Also known as Old Faithful, this is one of The Banker’s favourite amounts to offer players and has made many people deal in the past. It’s resulted in many victories for The Banker.

Hotel – luxurious hostelry situated in the lush, rolling greensward of England where contestants get to stay together for as many weeks filming takes. The lucky so-and-sos even get to bring their family and friends to stay with them if they want. It is here that such great team spirit is forged that, as one contestant put it, it feels as if you’re at a family wedding. Indeed, it is sometimes said that no one ever wants to leave.

Independent Adjudicator– The only person who knows where the money is.

Letterbox – See “catflap”.

Live Play / Active Play – When a player has yet to accept a deal, their game is still in live play

Mega-Money – A term used to describe large red wins.

Mug, The – Because nothing beats a nice mug of tea in the afternoon, contestants get a huge mug with a question mark on the front, and something else on the bottom, when they fancy a cuppa.

Mummy and Daddy – Roles given to one female and one male contestant at any time, with responsibilities such as welcoming the new contestants etc.

Newbies – Every few days, three new contestants are introduced into the remaining members of the original 22 after the three players go out. These are the ‘newbies’ and everyone’s really nice to them, as you’d expect.

Noel’s Book – At the beginning of the show, contestants are often asked if they want to write down the sum they hope to take away with them in Noel’s book. Sometimes this is shown to The Banker, which of course can increase tension – he might offer them something just over their sum, for instance, to tempt them away from what might be a much bigger sum still on the board. Who said everything in life was fair?

One-box game – A game where only one significant value remains, or where the gap between the highest amount and the next highest is very large.

Offer Button – A blue button position on the pound table, which can be pressed at any time during the game. When pushed, The Banker must immediately call to make an offer.

Offer Prediction – After the first five boxes are open, Noel invites the player to make an offer prediction. If the player successfully predicts the opening offer (within 10%) they gain a one-time use of the Offer Button.

Old Faithful – See The Governor

OHO – an abbreviation for ‘Only Here Once’, which is applied to players who go all the way in despite of The Banker’s offers.

Pilgrims – Audience members.

Pound Table– The table at which the player perches or stands as they play the game, and to which Noel comes, goes and leans. So far no one has seen fit to actually pound on the table, but it can only be a matter of time…

Power Five– The top five sums of money that can be won by a player – in ascending order, they are £35,000, £50,000, £75,000, £100,000 and £250,000.

Prove-out – After a player has dealt, they play the remainder of their game hoping to find the large reds, to prove they have done a good deal.

Quickie – When the player chooses three boxes very quickly and they are opened very quickly.

Red Run – A Deal or No Deal equivalent of the Spanish bull run, where the player is left feeling gored and dazed by a high number of reds revealed in sequence. Poor Nick got 8 in a row, and ended up founding the 1p Club [see above].

Safety Net – What Noel usually calls a good number of reds still on the board as the game progresses. A decent number of reds in middle rounds increases the chances that the player will knock out the blues before they’re gone.

Spank The Banker – A term given when a player beats The Banker by taking the maximum amount of money out of the game.

Sting in the Tail – When the last box opened in a round contains a large or key amount for the board.

Swap– The Banker can offer to swap one numbered box for another, usually but not always at the end of the game, or perhaps earlier if the player has unwisely professed a preference for a number. The Swap is a perfect example of how The Banker’s twisted brain works when he wants to turn the screws on some poor player. They have to decide whether to swap or not…

Sweep – When the player asks the advice of the other contestants, one by one, standing behind the wings.

Walk of Wealth – That ‘ready for my close-up Mr DeMille’ moment when, after the 22 players have filed in and are standing behind their boxes, the spotlight focuses on ‘The One’. The player who is chosen then walks the ‘Walk of Wealth’ down to the ‘Crazy Chair’ as the applause envelopes them, the lights reflect from their shining eyes and they know that it’s their show, their time, their moment…!

West Wing–It’s the line-up of the 11 contestants who stand on the left-hand side of the studio, opposite the East Wing [see above].

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