Gordon’s game illuminates Blackpool Tower

The gravedigger prized enough money to fund a lavish wedding for fiancée Kim

Gordon Leicester from Merseyside took to the top of the tower in Blackpool! The self-employed gravedigger wanted to ‘bury The Banker’ and it looks like he did.

Gordon’s game at a glance:
Box number: 11
In the box: £1
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £15,000
Final winnings: £15,000

Gordon’s game began with the long journey 500 feet up to the top of the Tower. Surrounded by friends, family and Noel himself, Gordon’s game got off to an excellent start. Every time Gordon opened a blue box, Blackpool Tower turned blue, and it turned red at the opening of a red box.

His first two rounds were absolutely brilliant, avoiding most of the big reds and hitting the small blues. He even got the penny in the first round. The Banker promised he’d give everyone a stick of rock if the penny was found, and he stuck to his word. Let’s just say that Bankie had a rather large confectionery bill by the end of the night.

Gordon was plied with offer after offer, and after the game went down to the wire, Gordon accepted a large offer of £15,000, in order to pay for his wedding to fiancée Kim. However, Kim was the one holding the jackpot! Blackpool Tower turned blue for Gordon as he went home £15,000 richer!