Bav spanked The Banker on his own Boeing 737!

The birthday girl from Leicester takes to the skies

Deal Or No Deal takes to the skies! Playing the game at an astonishing 37,000 feet, the team were in for a special treat as they boarded The Banker’s private jet, all in search of his wallet. With The Banker himself flying the plane, today’s player was welcomed to a rather turbulent ride.

Bav, from Leicester, was today’s contestant and as it was her birthday, she was in a lucky mood and had high hopes of nabbing the jackpot whilst up in the air.

Bav’s game at a glance:
Box number: 9
In the box: £20,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £21,737
Final winnings: £21,737

Bav started her game confidently, hoping to get enough to kickstart her own beauty business. The first round took a few big reds off the board, including two of the Power Five, so Bav was prepared for a small offer. The Banker tried to put Bav off her game but she just wasn’t having it.

Bav had an all blue final round and after playing through her game on board the Boeing 737, Bav accepted an offer of £21,737. It was a even sweeter when she opened her box to reveal it contained the £20,000 – a proper mile-high spanking for The Banker!