Audience: A day in the life of Pilgrim Val

Being a part of the show is exciting!

Pilgrims are the bread and butter of the Dream Factory. Here at Deal or No Deal we value our audience because without them we wouldn’t have a show! Our Pilgrims act as a 23rd contestant, lending support and playing a vital role in every game.

We now have a Pilgrim of the Day who brings Box 23 to the Pound Table so we spoke to Val about her recent pilgrimage.

Where have you travelled from today?

A little village called Clutton seven miles from Bristol.

Why have you come down to be a Pilgrim at the Dream Factory?

To see it and be a part of it, it’s exciting!

What do you think of our Deal or No Deal audience team?

Oh great, they put you in the mood straight away for having a good time.

Which emotions do you go through when you are watching the show live?

All of them – you definitely feel a part of the contestant’s family.

What do you think of Noel?

I think he’s great; I don’t know of any other presenter who could do it so well. I’ve known him since his Mr Blobby days, I think he has got better and more handsome.

What do you think of The Banker? Do you boo or cheer him?

Sometimes I cheer him if I think it’s a very good offer, but think on the whole it’s a boo.

Would you recommend being in the audience to your friends and family?

Oh definitely, definitely!

Sum up your Deal or No Deal experience in three words…

Exciting, enthralling and ambiance.