The bells chime for Ann as she rings in £250k!

Bell ringer Ann’s dream to see the confetti fall became a reality when she became Deal or No Deal’s eighth Quarter Millionaire

We could say the show started like any other show, but we’d be lying. Bell ringer Ann wanted to see the confetti fall and started like she meant to go on: with more charm and charisma than maybe even… Noel (we didn’t say that).

Having lost her husband, Ann did not have any family attending the show. So she asked the audience to fill in for them – which they did wonderfully.

Ding dong!

Everything went Ann’s way straight away, with Noel predicting the win very early on (don’t tell him we noticed; we don’t want him getting too big for his boots now, do we?) Throughout the game, luck was on Ann’s side and she was left with 50p and £250,000 on the board. The Banker offered her a whopping £64,000. To deal or not to deal was the question – Ann chose not to deal. She also chose to keep her box.

Bet you can’t guess what happened next? (Bet you can.) The confetti did indeed fall with Ann’s box containing £250,000!

Slip of the toungue

It nearly all went south when Ann was asked whether she wanted to swap with Box 23 and she replied ‘Deal No’ instead of ‘No Deal’. We all held our breath but The Banker gave us a rare display of kindness when he let her answer the question again. This time she got her words out in the right order – No Deal.

A very tearful Ann finished the game, taking home a gigantic £250,000 and making it ‘one of the most extraordinary hours’ of Noel’s life. Ann did it her way and took home the quarter mil – ding dong!

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