A team leader from the West Midlands gets stung by late Box 23 drama

Birmingham's Tony fails to win his target in a game that delivered a Box 23 shock

Tony, a team leader from Birmingham, was determined to win his target of £15,000, which was in his grasp until Box 23 dampened celebrations.

The family man had a mixed start but it was The Banker who held the early advantage when Tony failed to win the offer button. The 34-year-old told Noel he had a target in mind and wrote it down before finding the £250,000, which spoiled an otherwise blue round.

Tony’s game at a glance:
Box number: 20
In the box: £5,000
Deal or No Deal: No Deal
Box 23: Half (bought)
Final winnings: £2,500

Despite the setback, Tony refused to modify his ambition because he wanted to win enough to build an extension so his youngest son could have his own bedroom. The Banker couldn’t stop the competitive player who was prepared to go all the way to win his mystery target.

Tony was left with a low red climax of £1,000 and £5,000, he declined The Banker’s final offer of £2,300 so Noel flipped open Box 20 to see the slightly more attractive red sat on the table. Tony revealed his target was £15,000 and he did everything he could to reach it, buying Box 23 that sadly contained ‘Half’.