Simon’s rollercoaster of a game would’ve finished on a high if he hadn’t stopped the ride

Gas specialist Simon wanted to win a fortune for his family but he didn't take his chance to become Deal or No Deal's ninth Quarter Millionaire

Simon, a gas specialist from the Midlands, blew the chance to become Deal or No Deal’s ninth quarter millionaire after taking a low deal, despite having £250,000 in his box the whole time.

The family man surprised many by taking the Walk of Wealth in shorts! He told Noel he wears shorts all year round no matter the weather – unless he’s attending a wedding or funeral. Simon had his lucky stone with him and it seemed to be working – £15,000 was the height of the damage in the opening round. A good start was made even better when Simon correctly predicted The Banker’s opening offer, winning the offer button.

Simon’s game at a glance:
Box number: 8
In the box: £250,000
Deal or No Deal: Dealt at £10,000
Box 23: +£10,000 (not bought)
Final winnings: £10,000

The Banker compared Simon’s game to a rollercoaster when a sensational all-blue round put Simon on a high, only for the discovery of £75,000 and £100,000 to knock him back down to earth. Simon wanted to win enough to put his family on the property ladder, clear his debt and start saving for his two boys. Those looked attainable ambitions when The Banker offered £17,900 and £13,000 but Simon decided it was too early to deal.

With £35,000 and £50,000 gone, that left Deal or No Deal’s biggest prize exposed at the end of round four. The Banker offered £10,000, the lowest amount of the game, so nobody expected Simon to deal. But that’s exactly what he did. Simon hoped that was a sensible decision but it proved to be a huge mistake. The Banker would’ve offered a massive £64,000 in a following round because Simon was left with £10 and £250,000. His worst fears were confirmed when Noel flipped open Box 8 to see £250,000 sat on the table. Simon didn’t buy Box 23, which contained ‘+£10,000’. The Banker will be celebrating!