Deal or No Deal

The show starts with 23 identical sealed boxes.

The independent adjudicator loads and seals all the boxes. No one but the independent adjudicator knows what is in the boxes including Box 23.

At the beginning of the show one contestant is chosen from the line up, either from the West Wing or the East Wing.

In the first round the player must choose five boxes before the first offer from the Banker.

The player must then decide on whether to take the offer. Noel then asks them the question, Deal or No Deal? The player must answer either, Deal to accept the offer or No Deal to decline the offer and carry on.

In the second round 3 boxes are opened before the player receives another offer from the Banker. Again Noel will ask them the question.

Three boxes are opened in the third, fourth and fifth round followed by the question Deal or No Deal.

If the player decides to No Deal they will continue in this fashion until only two boxes remain.

When the last two boxes remain The Banker will give his final offer.

If the player says No Deal at this point, The Banker may offer the player to swap their box with the other remaining box. The player may decline or accept the swap.

Once a player accepts the offer by saying Deal, the game is still played out in exactly the same way.

They must choose the boxes they would have chosen in open play.

The Banker will continue to give the offers in order see whether the player has made the best deal. 

The player has the option to buy Box 23 with whatever they win during the game, so potentially there is a huge £500K up for grabs.


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