A service coordinator from East Yorkshire avoids the penny club after buying Box 23

Hull's Adele delivers a magic moment in the Dream Factory

Adele, a service coordinator from Hull, finished her emotional roller coaster of a game on a high after a late Box 23 win.

The owner of a wedding campervan business got off to a blistering start, finding four blues and winning the offer button. Adele told Noel she wanted to win enough to expand her business, move somewhere remote in the Lake District and take her stepson to Florida.

The bubbly 51-year-old suddenly became nervous when the large reds started to fall off the board. The Banker’s offers steadily fell from £8,000 to £6,000 but Adele tried to remain positive. Her cheery attitude was rewarded when the game swung her way. With the offer button still in play, The Banker was forced to offer £10,000. It was the largest offer of the game but Adele told Noel she was here to change her life forever before saying no deal.

Adele’s game at a glance:
Box number: 11
In the box: 1p
Deal or No Deal: No Deal
Box 23: +£10,000 (bought)
Final winnings: £10,000.01p

Adele should have pushed the button after finding a low blue but she chose to go on destroying the board. Tears started to flow when she left a blue finish of 1p and 50p. Adele’s worst nightmare was confirmed, when she won the penny that sat on the table. Thankfully those tears of sadness were transformed into tears of happiness when Noel flipped Box 23 to see ‘+£10,000’, sparking wild celebrations in the Dream Factory.