A phlebotomist from Norfolk came to the Dream Factory to bleed The Banker dry

King's Lynn's Jane regrets swapping her box in a game that ended on a high thanks to Box 23

Jayne, a phlebotomist from Norfolk, was left heartbroken when she swapped a large red for a low blue but Box 23 put a smile back on her face.

The mother of two had a perfect start, finding the penny in her very first box and winning the offer button. Jayne told Noel she was determined to go all the way to win one of the huge amounts on the board. Sadly those large reds started to disappear, which put Jayne’s courageous tactic in doubt.

Jayne’s game at a glance:
Box number: 5
In the box: 10p
Deal or No Deal: No Deal
Box 23: +£10,000 (bought)
Final winnings: £10,000.10p

The 49-year-old told Noel she wanted to win enough to visit America, buy a new car for her son and put her daughter, who currently rents, on the property ladder. It was a balanced eight box with four blues and four reds on the board. Having a live button pushed The Banker’s offer up to £20,000 but Jayne was here to win the big one. No deal!

Sadly the £250,000 was found in the very next box. An emotional Jayne carried on, declining The Banker’s subsequent lower offers to leave a nervy finish of 10p and £35,000. The man with the money didn’t think he could offer enough to stop Jayne so he simply offered the swap. Amazingly, the lady who believed in destiny decided to swap – bringing Box 5, which contained just 10p, to the table. But Jayne’s Deal or No Deal journey ended on a high when she bought Box 23, which contained ‘+£10,000’!