Deal or No Deal

'Go for it' Dale moves mountains to win hearts, minds and big money

'Go for it' Dale moves mountains to win hearts, minds and big money

26/01/2011 16:55:00

The business and IT student from Bury wheeled himself up the ramp to meet Noel at the Pound Table. Noel read that Dale likes to ‘embrace life’ despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy from birth, he doesn’t let his condition effect his life. Although he did admit that it was hard watching his friends walk, run and play football whilst growing up from the confines of his wheelchair. That all changed when Dale discovered wheelchair basketball at the age of 12, which gave him confidence and taught him to embrace his condition. Noel held up a photograph of Dale on an expedition to the Andes with 15 other disabled people. Dale nearly broke his neck when he fell out of his wheelchair. Dale sees his trip as ‘unfinished’ and would love to return. Mum, Julie and Dad, Kevin were in the studio amongst the Pilgrims.

An absolutely perfect start saw 1p and 10p wiped from the board. IJ and Derrick both got a kiss! Dale was having great fun when £50 followed. £50,000 and £35,000 ended the round with a groan. It quickly became apparent that The Banker had respected for Dale for some time, and was scared of his “Go for it” catchphrase. The offer was £11,000, as The Banker wasn’t sure how to play him – No Deal.

Round two produced £15,000, £5 and £1. The Banker knew he had little chance of stopping Dale so he offered £10,500. Dale wants to spend £3,000 on a new wheelchair and take his Grandma to her first live football match. Noel also learned that Dale wants to repay his Mum and Dad for everything they’d done for him – No Deal.

Dale shares another ambition - to become the first person in a wheelchair to climb Mount Everest! Kevin wanted Dale to take his time and calm down a bit in round three, but this wasn’t likely to happen. £1,000, £20,000 and £500 were wiped from the board. The Banker had a big problem and wanted Kevin to help him stop Dale. The offer was £19,000, which made Dale a little emotional, thinking about what this might do for his family, but it wasn’t enough to get him – No Deal.

£100 was followed by the big one, £250,000 in round four. Ron completed the round with £3,000. The Banker made him an offer of £10,000. Julie embraced him before he chose to – No Deal.

It was getting serious in round five when Phoenix pulled £750 out of box two. “Stay focused” said Noel but Stu delivered unwanted damage in the form of £75,000. 50p got Dale to the next phone call with the £100,000 still intact. The Banker admitted that the £75,000 had lifted the load somewhat, and offered £9,500. Dale asked The Banker if he would let him continue one box at a time. If Dale no deals and hits a blue he will get an offer. However if it is red, Dale must go on like normal. Andy and Noel didn’t feel that it was worth the gamble, prompting The Banker to call back and say that if he hits a blue, then the next offer will be £19,000! Dale was ready for the question – No Deal.

Dale selected Ade to open box 18, which contained £10,000. That meant Dale had to continue opening two boxes like a conventional round. £5,000 and £10 left £250 and £100,000 on the board in a thrilling climax. Julie was wrecked when she heard the offer of £26,000, and screamed “Take it!” Dale knew that amount would take him back to the Andes and everyone in the Dream Factory advised him to deal. “It’s too much of a gamble” said Kevin but Dale didn’t think so – No Deal.

Everyone was stunned by his bravado; The Banker paid tribute to Dale and offered him the swap – No Swap. In one of the tensest finishes in Deal or No Deal history… Noel flipped Dale’s box to reveal an incredible £100,000! The studio erupted in a standing ovation, Noel shed a tear and Julie ran down to join in the celebrations. ‘Go for it’ Dale had lived up to his catch-phrase, and was ready to face Everest after already conquering this mountain!

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