Naz sets sail on the penny barge after a game that’ll go into the Hall of Fame

Make room on the penny barge for Naz who becomes number 51!

The notorious 1p Club welcomed its newest member today as council assistant Naz watched red after red disappear from the board in a cringe-worthy game. The Leeds native started off so well, finding three blues in the opening round and winning the offer button after correctly predicting her opening offer. Naz explained she learned the value of money at a young age while helping her dad on the family market stall, so she thought twice before turning down The Banker’s early offers of £13,200 and £18,200.

Don’t let the button push you on


The button was enhancing The Banker’s offers but it was also pushing Naz on. A horror run of reds – £250,000, £75,000 and £100,000 – completely decimated the board, leaving Noel to wonder if it was time to push the button. But Naz went on to leave a five box of £50,000 and four blues.

The Banker offered a respectful £2,300 but Naz wanted to go on – she wanted to find a blue and then push the button. Sadly Naz didn’t find a blue; instead she found the last remaining red and it was an all-blue finish. Noel flipped Box 20 to see what everyone dreaded – 1p. To wrap things up, Naz purchased Box 23, which contained ‘Money Back’, confirming her as the 51st member of the 1p Club.