Hairdresser from Bristol plays to win, and holds her nerve for a dramatic finish

Alison keeps £250,000 on the board to ensure the Banker is on his toes

Alison, a part-time mobile hairdresser who lives a matter of minutes from The Dream Factory, had every intention of playing the game to its end, but broke her promise to accept an offer from The Banker she couldn’t refuse.

The 49-year-old from Bristol had a mixed first round, not only taking the 1p box out of the game, but £75,000 along with it. Never having opened the £250,000 box for other contestants during her time on the show, Alison felt sure fate had saved that moment for today.

Alison’s game at a glance:
Box number: 6
In the box: £500
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £80,000
Box 23: Money Back (not bought)
Final winnings: £80,000

Hoping to take her husband away on a trip to Mexico – as well as get herself a gleaming new set of teeth – Alison played to win. After all, she’s only here once, and £250,000 was still in play. Turning down a huge £80,000 offer from The Banker, Alison was on track for a dream finish if she could hold her nerve.

In one of the show’s most dramatic recent moments, Alison finally found herself with both £500 and £250,000 on the board. The Banker hoped to end the tension with a second £80,000 offer. Alison wisely accepted, selling her measly £500 box and leaving The Banker out of pocket.