Double Trouble parents specials start in style with father and son from Bristol

John and Matt leave the Dream Factory with a red win and their relationship intact (just!)

John and Matt, a father and son from Bristol, kicked off our Double Trouble parents specials with a fantastic £20,000 win, but it could’ve been much worse for The Banker.

With two boxes to choose from, the duo decided to bring Box 11 to the table, leaving Box 1 on the wings. The Banker was given an early boost when Box 1 was opened to reveal £250,000 – leaving John and Matt wondering what if.

Things continued to get worse when the pair failed The Banker’s break up quiz. The Banker sent Matt to the isolation room leaving John to pick the boxes alone. That didn’t seem to affect the retired carpenter who found a few blues, including the penny.

John and Matt’s game at a glance:
Box number: 11
In the box: £100,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal at £20,000
Box 23: Double (not bought)
Final winnings: £20,000

A delighted Matt rejoined his father in the studio with three large reds still on the board. The Banker was forced to offer the top of the game so far – £20,000 – and John was quick to say, “Deal”.

Matt was relieved to hear his father’s decision but there was more money in the game. A brilliant all red finish of £20,000 and £100,000 would’ve got them an offer of £55,000 and Deal or No Deal’s second biggest prize was sat on the pound table. John and Matt really were destined for mega-money when Box 23, which wasn’t purchased, contained ‘Double’.