Deal or No Deal’s frequently asked questions

Do you have a burning question about Deal or No Deal that you must know the answer to? The chances are we’ve already answered it in these rather lovely FAQs. Take a look!

Q1. Has any contestant walked away with the 1p?

Yes. The unfortunate Nick Bain became the first member of the now infamous 1p Club – watch the video here. There are 51 members now, Naz being the most recent – you can read about her game here.

Q2. Has anyone won the £250,000?

Yes! We have eight superstars who have each taken £250,000 from The Banker (don’t worry, he can afford it). The first winner was Laura Pearce way back in 2007 and since then Alice Mundy, Suzanne Mulholland, Tegen Roberts, Nong Skett, Paddy Roberts, Roop Singh and Ann Crawford have followed in her footsteps.

Q3. Is there really a Banker at the end of the phone or is Noel just making it up?

Of course there really is a Banker at the end of the phone. Many contestants have now had the chance to speak to the Banker personally and even some audience members. Occasionally Noel will hold the microphone to the telephone and you can hear the Banker’s blood-chilling laugh. You can also follow the mystery man on Twitter: @OfficialBanker

Q4. Who is the Banker?

The Banker is an enigma. He is a shadow, a wraith, rarely seen in daylight; in fact, he’s rarely seen at all. There are many theories, some plausible, some just plain ridiculous. Follow him on Twitter at @OfficialBanker today.

Q5. Some contestants seem to be on the show for a long time. Do all these people take over a month off work?

When we’re in production, we can film up to four shows a day, five days a week for two weeks at a time. We do ask for a commitment for up to four weeks. Lucy Harrington attended a record breaking 50 shows, making her our longest and one of our most loved contestants.

Q6. For how long will Deal or No Deal run?

The show was initially commissioned for 66 shows, which would have been around an 11 week run, showing 6 days a week. However because of the staggering popularity and high viewing figures Deal or No Deal is still showing on Channel 4 in 2016.

Q7. Where is the show filmed and can I be in the audience?

When we’re in production, filming takes place in Bristol. You can see the availability of audience tickets here

Q8. How do the 22 contestants choose their boxes at random?

The sealed boxes are brought into the studio under the supervision of the Independent Adjudicator. Each contestant then picks from a bag of numbered balls. Each contestant is then allocated the corresponding box to their numbered ball.

Q9. Are the contestants given any notice as to when they will be chosen?

The production team pre-select the contestants at the start of each record day. The contestants do not know who will be chosen.

Q10. How do you find contestants that can take so much time off?

People are really committed to the show. They sacrifice their holidays and they turn down work if they are self- employed. We have even had a few contestants that have given up their jobs to be on the show!

Q11. How can I become a contestant on the show?

Applications are now closed but like the Deal or No Deal Facebook page, follow @dealornodeal on Twitter and subscribe to the official newsletter to hear when applications re-open.

Q12. Why do people bring systems when it is a random game of chance?

Everyone has beliefs, superstitions, routines and systems to a greater or lesser extent. Some people pick significant dates like birthdays. Contestants have systems to help them along during their game and to pick their number when decisions become difficult. We have had many systems on Deal, from players picking all odd numbers to players studying the location of the numbers. Some people just pick out faces. Many do it on gut instinct. Every contestant brings a new way of playing the game. One contestant even used the numbers of her favourite dishes from her local Chinese takeaway.

Q13. What is the Offer Button?

If the player successfully predicts The Banker’s opening offer (within 10%) they gain a one-time use of the Offer Button, which can be pressed at any time during the game. When pushed, The Banker must immediately call to make an offer.

Q14. Are they any special themed shows?

We have invited couples, grandparents and siblings to play Deal or No Deal during our special Double Trouble weeks. With only five chances to play and 11 couples – not everyone is guaranteed a place at the Pound Table. So we had ‘leftover’ double trouble contestants play during Christmas 2015. Look out for our parents specials coming soon in 2016.