The Banker wins his biggest victory in Deal or No Deal history

Jen, a part-time teaching assistant from Bradford, goes into the hall of fame for saving The Banker a whopping £490,000

A mum from Bradford missed out on the chance to become Deal or No Deal’s first £500,000 winner in one of the week’s most dramatic shows. Jen, a part-time teaching assistant, thought dealing at £10,000 on a weak board was a wise move, but that decision saved The Banker an eye watering £490,000 – making it the biggest Banker victory of all time.

Despite finding four blues in the opening round, The Banker wasn’t afraid of Jen, who was always quick to say she’d deal while stood in the wings. The offer button would’ve helped Jen become more of a threat to The Banker, but her opening offer prediction was out of the band by just £5.

Jen’s game at a glance:
Box number: 13
In the box: £250,000
Deal or No Deal: Dealt at £10,000
Box 23: Double (not bought)
Final winnings: £10,000

Jen is currently working, studying and looking after her little boy, Max, so she wanted to win enough money to take some of the pressure off at home. Sadly, she discovered five reds in the next six boxes. With no button and lots of blues left to find, The Banker was under little pressure to give large offers. Jen declined £5,000 for a second time before hitting yet another red – £15,000.

Jen had an eight box with five blues and just three reds, which were £10,000, £100,000 and £250,000. The Banker told Jen to see sense before offering a vastly improved £10,000. It was a clever offer on a precarious board, so after some thought Jen decided it was time to deal. That would prove to be a big mistake when Jen was left with a climax of £10 and £250,000, and she would have seen a final offer of £64,000. Jen’s worst fears were confirmed when Noel flipped open Box 13 to see £250,000 and Box 23, which wasn’t purchased, contained ‘Double’.