The Banker tricked magician Lee out of a life-changing amount of money

Magic man Lee was left with his target, as well as a heap of regret

Never mind a white rabbit, amateur magician Lee hoped to pull a life changing £250,000 out of The Banker’s wallet when he took on Deal or No Deal. But the mystery man on the end of the phone managed to trick Lee out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The membership sales manager from the West Midlands found the penny in the very first box so he predicted a large opening offer. Sadly Lee was out of the offer band by a mere £110, so there was no offer button in play.

The Banker tricked Lee


That didn’t dampen Lee’s positivity and with every blue found, the value of his box grew. Lee turned down an impressive third offer of £18,900 and managed to keep the big one on the board. The Banker then performed his own trick, staring into Lee’s eyes to read his mind. The Banker was confident he was offering Lee’s target of £20,000. A stunned audience looked on as Lee confirmed that was his target and that he was happy to deal.

That was a huge mistake. Lee couldn’t find the elusive £250,000 so the offers continued to grow. A climax of 50p and £250,000 meant The Banker would have offered Lee a massive £64,000. A visibly disappointed Lee would’ve swapped his box so Noel brought Box 13 to the table to reveal the £250,000 had been there all along. Unsurprisingly Lee didn’t buy Box 23, which was a good call as it contained ‘Half’. Despite leaving with his target, Lee also took home a huge heap of regret.