Deal or No Deal

Due to the overwhelming response, applications are now due to close at noon on Thursday 13th August 2015.  If you have yet to complete and submit your application, please do so before this deadline, otherwise we will not be able to accept your application.

How do I know if I’ve submitted the form?
Once you submitted the form, you’ll be taken to a thank you screen. If you don’t see the thank you screen, simply log back in and it will tell you if your form has been submitted.

Can I apply using a mobile device?
If you are completing your online application from your mobile phone we do advise you complete it online from your PC or laptop.

I can’t seem to register to apply?
Please check that you have filled in all the details correctly and you have read and confirmed you accept the sites Terms and Conditions. You also need to complete the Security Check CAPTCHA form at the bottom of the page before you press the Submit button.

Do I need to re-apply if I've already applied?
If you have already applied for Deal or No Deal then there's no need to re-apply as your application will be considered for future series.

How many times do I need to apply?
You only need to apply ONCE to be considered for Deal or No Deal.

What if I can’t log into my account?
Please check that you have entered the correct email address and password that you registered with. If you think you may be entering the wrong password please see the instructions below on how to reset your password.

What if I have forgotten my password ?
Press the [Forgotten Password] button on the login page.
Enter the email address you registered with and your password will be emailed to you.
Please check your spam folders if you don’t see the email come into your inbox.

How do I update my Account Settings?
You must already be registered and logged into your account. Click on the Account Settings link and you may edit all/any fields and press the Submit button to save.

What size photo can I upload ?
We require a picture of you, preferably head and shoulders, please do NOT send a group or family shot.
The image can be no bigger than 1Mb, Ideally your picture should be in portrait format i.e. taller rather than wider.
If your picture contains a lot of background or other people/pets and you are able to, please crop the picture so that only you remain.

How do I edit my photo ?
Depending on your computer and operating system use any available paint program and look for the crop or cut and paste features. e.g. under Microsoft Windows  Start.. Programs.. Accessories.. Paint

How do I submit a video with my application form?
All you need to is upload your video to a video sharing site such as YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox and paste the link in the appropriate field in the form. Here are some tips:

• If shooting indoors, make sure to shoot in a well lit room
• Avoid shooting in front of a window with bright sunlight streaming in, or outdoors with the sun behind you. This will cause silhouetting and hide your face.

• Speak loudly and clearly
• Find a relatively quiet area to shoot your video so background noises won't distract from what you're saying. Avoid loud or crowded rooms or, if outside, background noises like traffic or wind.

• Shoot your video like you would see it on a TV. Please shoot landscape (horizontal) and not portrait (vertical) style.

Do I have to complete the online application form in one sitting?
No. Your answers will be saved as you progress through the online application form. To return to your saved online form, log back into the site and click through the pages to reach saved answers and to continue completing the online form.

Can I go back to add further information to my saved answers?
Yes, there is a back button which you can use to go back and fill in more detail if you need to, before you have submitted your online application form.

I clicked the ‘back’ button and my answers were wiped, what do I do?
Please only click the ‘back’ and ‘next ‘buttons within the application form at the bottom of the page. Do NOT click the back button on your Internet Browser. If you have lost some of your answers please log back in and re-enter your answers and submit your application form.

There isn’t a ‘next’ or ‘back’ button on my page?
Please try completing the application form by using a PC or laptop rather than a mobile device. Your screen resolution may also be hiding the ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons on the application form.

What do I do if some of my personal details have changed since I submitted my application form?
If you want to update your information because your personal details have changed please email us at We shall forward your request onto our contestant team. Please remember to provide all relevant details including your full name. Due to the level of response we are receiving, we cannot guarantee a reply to you personally but if we need any more information we’ll be in touch.

Can I apply to be on the show if I live outside the UK?
You can only apply to be on the show if you are a resident of the UK.

How old do I have to be to apply for the show?
You need to be over 18 years old to apply to be on the show.

I lost Internet connection whilst completing the form, will my answers be saved?
Simply log back in and you will see your answers saved


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