Deal or No Deal

About Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds the host of the Channel 4 hit entertainment drama, Deal or No Deal has had long and prestigious broadcasting career.
Noel has presented some of television's highest rating entertainment programming, including The Multicoloured Swap Shop, Top of the Pops, The Late Late Breakfast Show, Noel’s House Party, Telly Addicts and of course now Deal Or No Deal.

Noel began his career as a newsreader for Radio Luxembourg in 1968. He soon moved to the BBC where he quickly secured his own show on Radio 1. The television career soon followed and Noel started to appear on Top of the Pops and Come Dancing. Noel also continued in radio broadcasting presenting a Saturday morning show and a Sunday morning show, eventually progressing to the coveted Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Noel spent the mid 1970s hosting and appearing on both television and radio, and in 1976 the Multicoloured Swap Shop opened for business and over the next six years entertained an entire generation.

In 1982 he secured his own Saturday night show - The Late Late Breakfast Show. Further TV shows followed, the Time of Your Life for BBC1 and even programming for ABC TV in the US.

Noel’s long association with Christmas Day television began with a broadcast from the Post Office Tower, which also saw the launch of Comic Relief.

Noel Edmonds's TV career continued to be richly diverse with a Concorde Special, Noel's Christmas Presents, The Saturday Roadshow, Telly Addicts, as well as hosting major awards shows, which altogether made Edmonds one of the hardest working and well known presenters on UK television.

In the 90s Noel’s House Party was created and it swiftly became one of the most successful BBC productions. In 1992, Noel’s House Party won the BAFTA Award for the Best Light Entertainment show in recognition of its innovation and broad family appeal.

Many of today's TV performers would be grateful for a fraction of Noel Edmonds success, a career that in TV terms alone saw him have a hit show in each of his four decades of broadcasting. However it is his unique relationship with the British public for which he is most grateful and with his highly successful return to the nations TV screens, that relationship would appear to be stronger than ever.



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