An Olympic contender from London plays it cool and walks away smiling

Toby pulls a challenging game from the brink thanks to a much-deserved change in luck

Toby, a school cover supervisor (as well as bobsleigh Olympian!) from London, got off to a shaky start thanks to an early round filled with bad luck, but turned things around to end his game on a high.

The American Cup bobsleigh medallist couldn’t stay away from the reds, managing to pick the top three largest boxes in the opening round. After some painfully low offers from The Banker, Toby pushed on to see if his luck would change.

Toby’s game at a glance:
Box number: 8
In the box: £20,000
Deal or No Deal: Deal
Box 23: Nothing (not bought)
Final winnings: £12,000

The 28-year-old hoped to win enough money to start his own business – or at least help his mum, who raised him and his two sisters single-handedly, upgrade her kitchen. Five blue boxes in a row and a dramatic shift in luck helped to quickly transform Toby’s game into a winner, and a flashy new oven was back on the cards. As Noel always says, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

By the final round Toby’s remaining boxes were all red, the largest worth up to £35,000. With an offer of £12,000 now on the table, he decided to deal while luck was still on his side. His own box may have contained £20,000, but after turning down Box 23 to find it contained nothing, Toby proved his game had more twists and turns than the average bobsleigh race.